Thymol Autoclave India

Single Lever Autoclave

Fully Automatic Autoclave – most useful to sterilizer lab glassware, plastic Tubing, Liquid in sealed glass containers and many more uses. Fully Argon welded to avoid steam and pressure leak. Double walled in construction with inner stainless steel Outer body Powder Coating A unique single lever lock ensures easy lifting & closure of Autoclave door without leakage of vacuum & Pressure. The Temp. Is being controlled by Microprocessor based PID Tem Controller with Dual Digital Indicator and PT-100 sensor. The cycle begins with press of start switch for fully automatic operation.  Automatic steam and air exhaust at end of cycle.
 Specially designed heaters reduces power consumption. Removable SS 304 Rod type basket is provided. Water low level Alarm indication and heater cut of facility. Lid is equipped with pressure gauge range 0 to 20 PSI, safety valve and exhaust valve. Safety valve, Steam release Exhaust Valve, vacuum breaker – for more safety.

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