Thymol Autoclave India


  • Construction Robust and rugged all weld construction which is leak proof unlike riveted construction.
    Inner chamber is made of thick plate stainless steel of 304L quality and jacket is made out of stainless steel 304.
  • Sterilizers will have Single/double door with fully automatic Vertical sliding Pressure monitoring system place on the.
    Chamber before open the chamber check the pressure.
  • All the sterilizers are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working Pressure up to 40psi.
  • Glass wool which prevents heat losses due to radiation and is covered by strong stainless steel sheet Insulation UP TO 60 MM.
  • Boiler made of thick stainless steel plate suitably located under the sterilizer. High grade flanged type heating elements are fitted from front side for easy replacement/repair.
  • Fitted with water gauge glass for water level safety valve water inlet and drain valves.
  • Movement & automatic hinged type safety.
  • Door not open when pressure in chamber.
  • Cycle not start if door open or not lock property.
  • It is also provided with Low water level cut off device. This device protects the heaters in the generator from burning out dry.
  • Drain valve is fitted at the side bottom for easy draining/cleaning.
  •  Triple walled with steam jacket and Separate Boiler. Sterilizer cycle is controlled by PLC/HMI.
  • To work on 440volts, 3 Phase A.C Supply.
  • The Steam pressure in the boiler is indicated on an individual pressure gauge. Safety lock for Door Every horizontal rectangular sterilizer is fitted with SELF LOCKING SAFTY DOOR which cannot be opened when the chamber is under pressure. The sterilizer is provided with Triple safety.
  • Unit is also fitted with low-Water Level Cut-off Device and automatic pressure control device.
  • PT-100 sensor used.
  • Temperature 121°to 134° 
  • Automatic alarm for low water, power failure phase out, temperature pressure ETC.
  • Fitted with vacuum. Breaker to break vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation. 
  • Pre & Post Vacuum Treatment. 
  • Alphanumeric printer in built in machine. 
  • Single/Double door steam Sterilizer. 
  • Hinged door for HPHV Cycle. Fully automatic PLC Controlled.
  • This Equipment is complete with PLC/HMI Controller.
  • Print Option
  • Piping system made of SS & pneumatically valve used.
  • SS loading & unloading trolley
  • Steam working pressure 1.5 to 2.5 kg/cm2
Dimension450*450*900 mm450*600*900 mm600*600*900 mm600*900*1200 mm900*900*1500 mm
Capacity180 Liter240 Liter320 Liter430 Liter810 Liter
Load18 KW18 Kw18 KW18 Kw36 KW

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