Thymol Autoclave India


Inner Chamber, outer chamber & support ring are fully made of stainless steel. Heater cover stand & carrier/bucket are made of stainless steel. Lid made of thick machined stainless-steel plate. Radial locking lid ensures user safety & safe locking.  Lid is fitted with pressure gauge, spring loaded safety valve, double safety valve, manual exhaust valve, vacuum breaker as a safety device & water level indicator. Drain valve facilitates easy cleaning of the chamber. Moulded joint less silicon rubber gasket.  All internal joints are argon arc welded, ground & polished to give crevice free internals. Miniature circuit breaker for mains ON/OFF plus safety of control panel. efficient heaters reduce power bills drastically.


  • Automatic low water cut off system. 
  • Automatic Pressure control switch.
  • Control: ON/OFF/T.P.
  • Input: PT-100 Pressure Sensor for chamber.
  • Purging Range: User settable.
  • Post Sterilization: Drying Time: User settable.
  • Boiler Control: User Settable.
  • Buzzer: High/Low Alarm/Process End. 
  • Pressure Display. 
  • Sterilization cycle process inbuilt.

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